20-Point Clean and Inspection Includes:

1.      Clear cobwebs from ceilings and corners

2.      Clean vents

3.      Wipe top of door and windows including sills, frames, and blinds *Clean window glass with blue cloth

4.      Dust/clean front of doors and cabinetry 

5.      Dust/clean any light fixtures *Use a blue cloth once you get dirt/dust off glass fixture and apply Glass Plus on the fixture to give it a shine(if needed).

6.      Remove any products from countertop and wipe them down

7.      Spray down sinks, toilet, and tubs/shower then let sit. DO NOT spray anything on glass shower doors yet *Use Clorox bleach cleaner if necessary 

8.      Clean all mirrors

9.      Wipe down faucets, towel racks, and outlets *Use a blue cloth and Glass Plus to make chrome shine

10.  Clean countertops

11.  Place client’s products back on countertop with name facing frontward 

12.  Clean tub first, if it is a tub/shower mix

13.  Spray down glass shower door if there is one and let sit

14.  Clean toilet 

15.  Wipe shower glass/door

16.  Re-spray the shower to loosen up dirt some more. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove dirt easier

17.  Spray Lysol and Clorox cleaner (if needed) on the bottom of the shower/tub. (Use Magic Eraser on bottom of tubs and shower to remove all dirt.

18.  Clean baseboards 

19.  Vacuum floors

20.  Mop floors


There’s a lot of cleaning companies, but there’s only one that specializes in routine maintenance of bathrooms. Bathrooms Only was founded by Larry D. Kearney Jr. in August of 2018. The concept of Bathrooms Only came from the idea that no one likes to clean the bathroom. Having already established a self-sufficient residential cleaning company, Mr. Kearney Jr. realized most clients struggled with the same problem. Their bathrooms were the dirtiest rooms in the house. So, he began to survey his clients to make sure the theory was true. In fact, he discovered bathrooms were 90% of the reason he was hired. Once promotional advertising was up, Bathrooms Only was created. 


Less time per home, more homes per day, as well as simpler training and easier work load makes Bathrooms Only a franchisee’s dream.



includes sink and toilet - $20 and up

Regular Size

includes sink, shower/tub mix, and toilet - $30 and up

Medium Size

includes sink, separate stand up shower, tub, and toilet - $40 and up

Large Bathrooms

start at $50 and up